Uniwork Boats

Design & Development

Our main interest is the design of multihulls and modern sail boats. Enhanced static stability and steady hydrodynamics of multihull vessels provide a unique possibility to increase seaworthiness and safety in adverse weather conditions which can change unpredictably in a very short time.
Multihull vessels provide for the best economy in fuel consumption, both in displacing and in gliding modes, due to their unique hydrodynamics. Therefore multihull vessels have better ecostatistics in comparison to the traditional vessels.

Our creative team Uniworkboats is a group of like-minded professionals who have been engaged in boat and yacht design for a long time. Our first naval architect bureau was established in April 2004.

Our company develops original projects from design stage to completion and preparation of all necessary documentation.

The vessel can be designed and manufactured using a wide range of different materials.



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