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This project, which is designed in the spirit of Open 40, to obtain the maximum speed for fast cruising sailing yacht.

LOA 12, 2 m,

Beam 3,8 m

Full Draft 2,7 m

Displacement 5800 kg (Max.Displ 6800 kg)

Bulbkeel 2700 kg

Up-Wind Sails 105 m2 

Assymetrical Gennaker 130-150 m2

40ft 1

The hull as light as possible, the yacht is built on the basis of epoxy sandwich with PVC-foam (Corecell or Divinycell), followed postcuring in autoclave.

The hydrodynamics of the boat gives great opportunities during the beating, and at the same time allows for higher speeds at full backstay.

The yacht of unlimited navigation area, which can also participate in regattas with a handicap of any rank.

Although most lightweight (for cruising yachts) body structure is very strong boat with a large sail area.

The yacht has a large cockpit yachts for effective and sports work with sails


The yacht is designed for speeds of about 20 knots at full backstay, but it has a very sharp waterlines at the bow of the hull and deep high effective bulbkeel. Therefore, this yacht perfectly maneuvering against the wind..

The average relative width of the hull makes it possible to use one rudder. This project has effectiveness and deeply immersed rudder, the boat perfectly controlled at all courses.

40ft 10 40ft 12 40ft 15

40ft 17 40ft 20 sail plan

40ft 14 40ft 21 40ft 7

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