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Our company has extensive experience with all kinds of the modern shipbuilding plastics: core materials from DIAB and Gurit (Divinycell, Corecell), Zoric, honeycombs, 3D-glass materials, carbon, aramid etc. Usually we use Scott Bader and Reichhold polyester and vinyl ester resin, SP, Sicomin and Nils Malmgren epoxy resin.

We offer:

  • making tools (CNC milling, plugs & production molds)
  • wet lamination lay-up in GRP production (polyester resin, vinyl ester resin, epoxy) at the price ranging from EUR 8 (polyester resin) per 1 kg of ready article
  • wet layup vacuum bagging production in GRP (E-glass, carbon, aramid fabrics with epoxy, sandwich construction), post cure 60ºC
  • vacuum infusion & RTM production in GRP (polyester resin, vinyl ester resin, epoxy, sandwich construction with) at EUR12 (DCPD polyester resin)
  • repairmodernization and renovations of sailing and motor yachts
  • repair of osmotic damages of yacht`s hulls
  • mast and rigging repair and renovations
  • navigational buoys, coast marks, spar-buoys (filament winding), orders from of 3000 kg per month at EUR 10 per kg

All in all, we offer our customers a wide variety of designs, materials and technologies implemented by experiences team with a ability to solve complicated technical challenges.

Placing your orders with us you get Finnish expertise and quality of works at affordable prices.

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