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Conceptual project ELF-620

ELF-620 designed as small budjet racer/cruiser for young yachtsmens and young family users. Despite of small cost it is very fast sail boat. Cfn be equipped up to ISAF OSR 208/9. Long cocpit (2,98 m) for aggressive sailing. Genakker with telescopic carbon boom.

ELF-620 is designed for full vacuum infusion production technology (polyester resin & Divinycell core) for price level under 15 k€ in basic complectation. But also can be made as clean racer from epox resin with carbon fabrix and completely carbon mast and racer rig.

As cruiser ELF-620 can be equipped with an awning for cocpit, reelings etc.

Designers: M.Motoruev & A.Kosorotov

 620 8  620 7 620 6 
 620 3  620 5  620 12

620 2  620 11  620 9 

LOA: 6,2 m

Beam: 2,5 m

Draft: 0,36-1,5 m

Lifting Bulbkeel: 200 kg

Displacement: 550 kg

Crew:  2-4 

Sails Downwind: 22 m2

Hull Material:  Vacuumed PVC-sandwich (Eepox. Resin)



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