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ST-40 "Anarquista Chika"


This yacht was designed for very demanding and experienced yachtsman. The main use - ocean race sailing and fast cruising at the maximum possible speed in adverse weather conditions.

Cruising sailing in the 21st century has changed. Today's active customers want to have a boat that can move on the basic course with an average speed of over 10 knots in any case. This means that the rate should be higher than 15 knots downwind. They are not afraid to work actively with the sails and have a boat with high sail area. Many of them came to sailing from windsurfing, perfectly understand the wind are able to use it and fine-tune the sails. They want to get the maximum number of nautical miles for 2-3-week vacation. This sporting character of the people are very often involved in sailing races.

Therefore, this yacht is designed primarily for the maximum speed under sail and sailing competitions, and in the second turn for comfort on board. To achieve such speeds a yacht of this size should have a displacement of less than 6000 kg (pure racing yachts class-40 have a displacement of about 4 t).

40 feet is in our opinion the perfect size for a small crew or family. At the same time operating costs are low, the cost of the yacht will be available, and management will be possible on the basis of "shortle handled".
This yacht is designed for controlling alone in the difficult and stormy sea conditions.

40ft 2016 1


 40ft 2016 5

Extra quality and options from the world of sailing ocean race yachts:

  • ballast tanks to improve stability
  • shelter for the team in the cockpit for storm conditions
  • efficient modern wiring running rigging
  • backstay and lowers the mast to support the use of modern sails
  • emergency exit hatch on the transom
  • lifting keel (optional)
  • carbon mast

40ft 2016 6


  • sandwich hull based of epox resin followed thermostated
  • botom of hull in slamming area made from singleskin laminate
  • all bulkheads sandwich
  • in the internal structures used carbon (optional)

40ft 2016 4


  • LOA = 12.19 m
  • B max = 4.5 m
  • Lwl = 11.93 m
  • Bwl = 3.37 m
  • Hmid = 1.82 m
  • Thull = 0.48 m
  • Tkeel = 3.2 m – 2.0 m
  • D = 6150 kg (cruis version, full displ., with one full ballast tank)
  • D = 5200 kg (race version, full displ., with one full ballast tank)
  • Ballast Keel = 1500 kg
  • Water Ballast = 2x750 kg = 1500 kg
  • Fresh water = 2x110 l (can increase up to 500 l)
  • Fuel = up to 200 l
  • Crew = 5 per.
  • Engine = 27-36 hp, Sail Drive
  • Up-Wind Sails = 115 m2, Jib = 41.0m2, Main = 74 m2
  • Assymmetrical Gennaker up to 150m2

Interior layout (cruiser):

  • two main rear cabin (based on a crew of 4 people, they are most comfortable in difficult sea conditions)
  • additional forecabin (optional)
  • Very large forepeak for sails storage
  • large drying chamber for wet clothes
  • large navigation table


40ft 2016 3 40ft 2016 2


Fast cruiser / Racer:

In the version of fast cruiser/racer, we also offer two entrances into the cabin, wiring all the halyards, haulers and halyard winches on the center. This simplifies and organizes working with the running rigging ropes in the cockpit well.

In this version we also offer change in the internal layout for maximum convenience of the crew of intensive work with sails and rest between watches.

Broad passes inside for bringing of bags with sails, large drying rack for wet clothes.

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sail plan web 


interior fast cruiser 

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