Uniwork Boats

Design & Development

Our engineers are proficient in using the latest 3D modeling software, CNC milling, Finite Element analysis

 We are experienced with the following materials and techniques:

  • Prepreg
  • Light RTM
  • Vacuum bagging techniques
  • Vacuum infusion
  • Carbon-epoxy prepreg lamination
  • Postcuring of composite parts in autoclave
  • Wet epoxy lay-up
  • VE and PE hand and spray wet lay-up
  • Plugs and molds making

GRP modern technologies and advanced composites with modern fiber materials introduce new quality standards:

  • Increase of structural strength
  • Increase of strength at point load (impact resistance)
  • Weight decrease
  • Quality constancy
  • Durability in salty water and under sunlight
  • Decorative coat durability
  • Osmotic damage resistance
    We use best GRP technology – light, strong and competitive product. Epoxy and vinyl ester resins with glass, carbon or aramid reinforcements are applied in a range of technologies from wet hand lay-up to prepregs, RTM, resin infusion etc.


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 We use only modern multiaxial and 3D fiber materials, carbon and aramid,  and sandwich constructions with the DIAB and CORECELL core materials with vinylester- and epoxy-resins.

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