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Mariner 36CF 1

Mariner 36 is a small coastal marine fishery vessel, which requires high standards of professional fishermen.

The vessel was designed and built in accordance with the Nordic Boat Standard 1990 rules.
Architectural solution: a mono hull with an engine room in the aft part, a cargo hold in the middle part and a pilot room with a cabin in the forward part. The cabin is equipped with berths for two people, a cook-room and toilet.
The hull is made of aluminum alloy, which increases ratio of the payload capacity to the fuel consumption unit and reduces running coasts.
The innovative design of hull lines with a bulbous bow, provides a longer hull length on the waterline compared to a traditional hull and accordingly greater seaworthiness, a decrease in the amplitude of longitudinal pitching and improved fuel economy.
The vessel has a large working deck and cargo hold for fish containers or RSW cargo hold (seawater cooling).
A fishing gear for work as a stern trawl, longline, jigging, potting, net, seine, etc can be exposed on the working deck.
The propulsion equipment installed on board corresponds to the Heavy Duty Commercial rating, with warranty support with no limited operating time.
Thanks to its unique layout, the Mariner 50 is a versatile vessel and can be used for various purposes, such as a work vessel, a charter sport fishing vessel, a water taxi, etc.
Classification – CE B-Offshore, Nordic Boat Standard 1990

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Specification Mariner 36 CF Commercial Fisher:

LOA 11,50 m
Weight 11 t
Beam Beam 4,2 m
Crew up to 12 ps
Draft 1,4 m
Engine Diesel 380 – 700 h.p.
Fish storage (aprox) up to 21 m3
Fuel tanks 1 х 2000 l
Payload 10 t 
Max speed up to 20 kn 

Mariner 36CF 3


  • Hull: the aluminum alloy hull is divided into 4 waterproof compartments
  • Propulsion: diesel engine Hyundai Seasall L380P gearbox ZF 360 IV
  •  Four blade propeller
  •  Steering gear
  •  Stern drive: electro hydraulic type
  •  Tanks capacity: fuel tank 2000 l, fresh water 200 l, grey water 200 l
  •  Fish hold capacity: up to 20 m3
  •  Electricity: 24 volt – 90 A alternator, coast charging, batteries
  •  Deck equipment: windlass anchor, mooring bollards
  •  Aaccommodation: the cabin is equipped with berths for two people, a cook-room, a toilet
  •  Navigation equipment: navigation lights, magnetic compass
  •  Lighting: lighting deck aft cockpit, lighting of the superstructure, bow cabin and engine room
  • Safety equipment: fire extinguishers, inflatable life raft, life buoy, life jackets, fire alarm system


  • Hull: ice reinforcement, transom platform, transom door
  • Propulsion: diesel engine Hyundai Seasall 410 – 700 hp
  • Bow thruster: hydraulic
  • Fish hold: isolated fish holds, a
  • ir cooling,  RWS hold
  • Electricity: diesel Generator 10 kWt
  • Deck equipment: hydraulic crane
  • Equipment: hydraulic station for the deck equipment, fish pump, heavy duty isolated fish containers
  • Fishing application: longline, jigging, potting, seiner, gillnets, stern trawler
  • Cabin heating/cooling: diesel air heater, water heater from main engine, air conditioning
  • Navigation equipment: GPS, echo sounder, radar, VHF radio, auto pilot, color fish finder
  • Lighting: search light, navigator lamp
  • Other equipment upon request

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